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Another Mooooving Example of Kindred Sound Health

This Youtube video is making the rounds.  I find it another excellent example of Sound Healing with animals.  It is being included in our study here of the interspecies connection with sound healing.  For another opportunity to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart, watch this video of  Cows Enjoying Music of the Utah Jazz Band playing to a herd of cows in Switzerland and their expressions.  There have actually been studies on the impact of various types of music on milk production in cows.  Rap and heavy metal music appeared to decrease milk production, while classical music improved production.  I find that horses and other animals respond similarly to different types of music.  One dear friend, Bettine (see, goes around the world playing her magical flute to all sorts of animals and observes and documents their responses.

This is an excellent reminder of being mindful of what music we play for ourselves and all our kindred spirits, whether it is in a cow barn, a horse barn, an animal shelter or animal hospital.  Healing sounds heal us, disruptive sounds disrupt us. It is as simple as that.  It gives new meaning to the cliche, “music to my ears”.  Pondering a bigger picture, what if we were more conscious of filling all the world with harmonious, healing music and sounds.  Wow, could we all be more peaceful and happy?  Perhaps we can begin to try this experiment.  What are your experiences?

Blessings of joyous, healing music to your ears and the ears of the world!

Compassionate Cities Campaign

The Kindred Spirits Project seems to be part of a much more expansive movement that is evolving focused on creating a more compassionate society.

In this article, author and professor, Karen Armstrong discusses her approach to developing more compassionate cities.  This campaign is part of International Peace Week, Sept 15-21.  The motto is from  “inner peace to international peace”.  The Kindred Spirits Project is honored to share the information about this week with all of you.   You can sign up for free for this world teleconference.  Their website states that topics covered include:”

  • Cultivating Inner Peace
  • The Path to Peace through Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Integrating Peace & Happiness into How We Do Business
  • Ending Our Addiction to Crime, Violence and War
  • Technology & Peace: Empowering Youth
  • Large Scale Organizing for Peace
  • A Peace Economy
  • Subtle Activism as a Personal and Collective Peace Practice
  • Making Poverty History
  • A Path to Peace & International Security”
  • I personally  feel that this is absolutely great. I would also have loved to see a section on peace for all beings, all species.  I agree that without creating inner peace, it is challenging to create international peace.  I would also add that we need to include awareness about peace with other species.  I look forward to hear what  my dear friend, Jane Goodall will share about this.  She is one of my great mentors as well as being a dear friend.  We need to create conscious peace with other animals,  including all that we use in food production, factory farms, bear farms in China, zoo’s, hunting reserves and all the animals that are needlessly slaughtered as we devastate vast environments like the Amazon rainforest.
  • Let us come together during Peace week! Blessings,


Support Nutritional Supplements for Your Kindred Spirits and You

Nutritional supplements are an essential component to an integrative approach your animal’s  and your health care.  I have been using nutritional supplements in my integrative veterinary practice for 30 years.  I feel that are indispensable in keeping your animal healthy and in treating many disease conditions.  Periodically different organizations such as the FDA attempt to control and limit access to these supplements.  They state their concern about quality control, misrepresentation, scams, fraud, etc.  These concerns are certainly valid.  I too have these concerns.  I always try to find sources of the highest quality supplements with the best evidence based research behind them.  I have seen them help so many dogs, cats, horses and other species daily in my practice.  I feel that the FDA, DSHEA guidelines the way that they have used for the past decade has addressed many of these concerns.

Yet, sometimes, different organizations may try to restrict freedom of choice and access to supplements in an effort to overreach and create impossible financial barriers to small businesses that provide these supplements.  It seems like one of those times is now.

Dr. Mercola, a world renowned natural health practitioner presents in this video on  Nutritional Supplements the current attempt to limit access to supplements.  All practitioners interested in integrative and natural health care for all beings need come together to stand up for the ability to offer these supplements to our clients and patients in order to do what we can to keep them healthy and happy.  I invite you to watch this video, contact your government representatives to help preserve our right to natural health care.

May the force be with us!


Dr. Mercola..Nutritional Supplements

Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain and Your Animal Friend’s as well


The basis for all transformation of consciousness focused on creating a more compassionate world for all beings begins with our thoughts and emotions.  One of my true heroes in mind/body medicine is Dr. Richard Davidson a premier researcher at the University of Wisconsin Neuroscience Laboratory.  I invite you to watch this informative Google Tech Talk from 2009, where Richard Davidson explains the neuroscience of positive human qualities and how they can be cultivated through contemplative practice.  What is even more exciting is that new research is demonstrating that some of these meditation-based practices delivered online can produce behavioral and neural changes as well.

What has this got to do with your animal friends you may ask? I feel that this is one of the keys of transforming our relationships with our kindred spirits.  Once we develop techniques and incorporate these mental practices into our everyday lives, the results of them will directly impact on our relationships with our animal friends and thereby transform there conscious awareness and how they respond to us and others.  This is one of the key principles and bases of my proposals for  an “animal field theory” or “trans-species field theory”.  As we change our own thoughts and emotions, it changes our biochemical and energetic foundation and then we create a healthier, happier energetic field around us and that can impact on our connection and relations with our animal friends.  Potentially this can improve your riding and communication skills with your horse, your communication with your dogs, cats and all species that you share your lives with.

Watch this extensive explanation of the basis of my theories and please share with me your thoughts on this and how it may impact on you and the animals that you share your lives with.

Blessings for a happier, healthier mind and body and deeper connections with your kindred spirits!



Animal Health Alert: Dogs Reaction to Smart Meters

52 Weeks For Dogs 6/52. All The Worries Of The World

Apparently there is a fair amount of controversy regarding the introduction of smart meters into residential homes throughout the world.  In addition to their questionable economic value and privacy issues, there actually seem to be potentially significant health effects on people and now seemingly on animals.  This article presents the first documentation of the health hazards of smart meters to dogs.  The interesting point is that the dog has no concept that a smart meter was installed or that anything changed, so that any behavioral changes such as the one’s described cannot be written off as a negative placebo effect.  This is the first dog in a clinical collection of individual cases for a study on the health effects of smart meters on our animal companions. If skeptics flippantly criticize people who claim to be electrosensitive as “it is all in their head”, seeing animals that are reacting to smart meters and are sensitive to radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation removes the placebo effect.  With this particular anecdote, there appears to be a clear case of cause and effect.  More anecdotes and documented case reports need to be collected to see if this is a clear pattern.

In the news article and the letter that this woman sent to her utility company,  she states “One of my dogs awoke at the same time, wandering the hallways whining and crying. This dog refuses to sleep inside at night now, as the pulsed radiation also makes him sick. This dog had slept at the foot of my bed since the day I brought him home until the night the smart meter was installed. I have numerous friends and family who will testify to this, if called to do so.”

As I began to research this subject, I came across a wealth of information on the potential negative health effects of smart meters on all beings.  Apparently this technology is being forced upon us despite the World Health Organizations acknowledgement that this type of electromagnetic radiation may be carcinogenic. The IARC designation is: “possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)”(

So it appears that we are all being exposed to a new potential carcinogen bombarding us daily in our homes due to these buy levofloxacin eye drops smart meters.  The farther down the rabbit hole one looks into this issue, one realizes the amount that huge financial and political interests are behind this agenda.  There are other significant concerns regarding privacy and increased costs to everyday individuals in addition to the potentially significant health effects.

Some people dismiss the health effects and say that we are exposed to so much electromagnetic pollution already, what is one more “small exposure”.  Apparently though, it seems that like with so many challenges to our immune system and general health,  the proverbial “the straw that broke the camels back” cliche really is appropriate.  Our bodies can just take so much exposure and then once the exposure is too much and we begin to react, there is no turning back.  This could possibly be the tipping point for many beings.

Reviewing all the concerns regarding smart meters is beyond the scope of this post, so I am attaching numerous links below that concerned individuals have referred to me.  I highly suggest you review them and educate yourself.  If not for your own health, at least for your kindred spirits health!  We need to become more aware of all the various environmental health issues that all beings are being exposed to at this moment. This is my humble effort to help educate all of my blog followers.  Below are links on how smart meters are impacting on animal health.

Please email me of any side effects from smart meters that you have had first hand experience with, with your animal friends.

Blessings of awesome health and happiness to all of you! (more…)