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Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

As our February Kindred Hearts theme comes to a completion, I wanted to share this video with you of further documentation of love and compassion between humans and animals that some might still skeptically debate have feelings and emotions.  The time has truly come to change the paradigm from one requiring proof that animals have feelings and emotions and think to a paradigm of acceptance that they are more like us than we could ever comprehend and ask for proof that they are not.  Once we have decided to change the paradigm, then inevitably, we should base each decision made on this planet based on how can we treat other beings with such similar behaviors and emotions like they are beneath us.  It is time for compassion for all beings. Continue reading Kindred Heart Connections on the Beach (VIDEO)

The Green Beautiful: One possibility? (VIDEO)

Dear Kindred Spirits: The purpose of this site is for animal lovers to work together to create a more compassionate, loving society, animal by animal, heart by heart, thought by thought, action by action. Over the next few months, video’s will be on the site guiding us through different exercises to help us work together to create that vision. But, what would a civilization based on loving kindness and compassion look like? How do we know what to work towards?ssiviewmterskine
I recently came across this foreign film, “The Green Beautiful” that is quite quirky, not quite fitting into a particular film genre. Perhaps I would label it “spiritual, comedy, science-fiction”. The reason I am sharing it with you on this post, is that it offers us an interesting perspective on one potentiality of what life could be like, if it was heartbased, focused on what was good for all.   Continue reading Green Beautiful: One possibility? (VIDEO)

Love Remembers: Lion Hugs His Rescuer (VIDEO)

Whenever I see video’s like this one my heart blossoms with pure joy and unconditional love.  I  feel like we are in the midst of documenting on video, co-species connections that previously were just flippantly tossed aside as just “anecdotal”.  There are so many teachings in this short video, that support the big vision of this site, creating a more compassionate society for all beings.  It demonstrates love between two species, going beyond labels as we had discussed in a previous post.  It demonstrates recognition, memory, cognition, sentience, gratitude, love, and ……?   Continue reading Love Remembers: Lion Hugs His Rescuer (VIDEO)

How to Connect by Dr. Penny

There are many approaches and techniques that we can use to connect with our kindred spirits.  We are blessed with some helpful tips in this post by Dr. Penny on how she connects.  How do these work for you? What ways of connecting have you found beneficial?

When I was learning how to do acupuncture, I remember watching you work on a horse nearly 20 years ago Dr. Schoen.  Why?  Because you made it look easy – effortless in fact.  It is just like going to a clinic and watching a great trainer.  “Well, I can do that” you think as you watch the horse cooperate and respond to every cue.  It looks so effortless.  You take it home and give it a try.  But before you know it your horse has left you tangled in ropes, sitting in the dust.  They never explain the “whispering” part.  That is what I would like to open discussion with you Dr. Schoen, and others about.  Just what is that magic ingredient?  And how the heck do you do it? (more…)

Heart Connections with Kindred Spirits: Safer to be Vulnerable? (VIDEO)

Continuing our theme and muse of heart connections this month, a friend shared with me this powerful video talk from the cutting edge conferences of .  Personally, I felt a “quivering” feeling of vulnerability in my heart, as I watched it.  It made me ponder my own issues with vulnerability and how I actually felt so much purchase levaquin safer sharing those challenging spaces of vulnerability with my animal friends, rather than with human beings.  The thoughts in my mindstream instantly went back to times when I would be talking to and crying about my greatest fears as I hugged my golden retrievers or my cats. They would nuzzle me, purr, brush against me, as I shared my greatest fears with them, far easier for me than if  I would share these concerns with any person. Continue reading Heart Connections with Kindred Spirits: Safer to be Vulnerable? (VIDEO)

Happy Valentines Day Loving Energy Connections and Joy shared with all your kindred spirits!

“The conclusion is always the same: love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy in the world.” Pierre de Chardin

Dear animal loving kindred spirits:

On this Valentines Day, may you, your partners and all your animal companions be blessed with all the joy of unconditional love!  On that note, as you experience that feeling of love with your lovers, two-legged, four-legged, finned and winged, I offer you a somewhat unique pondering on Love…. (more…)

Connected When

This is the third post in Dr. Penny Lloyd’s three part series on connection. 

Remember, connection is a matter of degree.  That is very good news for all of us.  As we evolve, our “old high”, becomes our “new low”.  That means that what feels really good and connected to you now, can become your rare disconnected state in the future.  The more of us that are on board, the easier it becomes for everyone – even those extremely disconnected ones (ourselves occasionally?) that are really suffering (and causing great suffering all around them).  Take a think about that!!! to feel a big ol true buoyant kick in the pants POSITIVE INCENTIVE…

You know you are connected when:  (more…)

Not Connected When

This is Part 2 in Dr. Penny Lloyd’s three part series on connection. 

Connection is always a matter of degree.  To begin to notice your state is HUGE!  Congratulations!  Lots of “oopsies” and self forgiving chuckles will help you forge a new more connected pattern.  You know you are NOT as connected as you could be when: (more…)

How Not to Connect

Hello Kindred Hearts:

Continuing on the theme of heart connections during the month of Valentine’s Day,  one of the Projects dear friend, colleague and prominent contributor, Dr. Penny Lloyd, has offered to share her wisdom on her approach to heart connections with horses.  This is the first of a three part series on the topic of connection by Dr. Penny Lloyd, each of which will be posted throughout this week.  Absorb her approaches, experience them with your equine companions and share with us your thoughts and experiences.  Hop in your saddle and see what you feel! The journey has begun!

Blessings from your Kindred Spirits

Allen  M. Schoen, DVM and Penny Lloyd, DVM

I remember a client that fed her horse 80 treats a day – all different! – in an attempt to love and be loved.  Sound familiar?  We all want to connect.  It feels so good when it happens now and then.  But most of us don’t know how.  If you think it would be helpful Dr. Schoen, I would like to share a true story that illustrates all the ingredients on how NOT to connect.  Now that may seem a backwards way in, but we all do it every day – and to start to catch ourselves in the act – is FREEDOM in the making. 

All of you get to play along, by seeing yourself in this story, and GENTLY and FORGIVINGLY see what you may have been doing wrong.  No need to beat yourself up.  When you catch yourself in any moment, doing what I was doing, simply say “Oopsie”, chuckle, and move on.  And if you are intrigued to learn more on “how TO connect” – not to worry – there will be lots of discussion to follow.

Harmony Of The Heart

I just wanted it to be over!  The desert sun baked the shirt to my back.  A fly buzzed my ear.  I longed to get back into the shade and take a long drink of cold water.  Better yet, I wanted to ditch this entire venture and retire to a frosty mug of beer.  It seemed like we had been waiting for hours.  I had paid big bucks to be here this weekend.  I had heard about equine facilitated therapy and was curious what it was all about.  So here I was, ready to experience first hand, what a person could learn from a horse.  (more…)

Dancing with the heart connection through joyous as well as challenging times

Dancing with the February Valentines Day theme, let us share some ideas, concepts, experiences and feelings regarding the heart connection between kindred spirits. In the previous blog posts we are seeing evidence ranging from global heart coherence to transpecies and interspecies heart connections. Dr. Penny Lloyd shares her experiences of what connections mean to her and her friends. How about you, dear kindred spirit? How does this heart connection between you and your animal friends feel to you? How do you sense it in your animal companion? How is it evident in your life? How is it evident in your experiences in a horse barn, an animal sanctuary or shelter, an animal hospital, in your community?

Today, I have been assisting some dear friends with the transition of their 18 year old feline companion. It is such an honor and joy to assist such loving beings as they share such a sacred time together. It may or may not be the time, but I am so touched by their love and compassion for their cat. It is a true demonstration of pure unconditional love for someone that they have shared 18 years of their order levaquin online lives with. (more…)